Video tour

1. Basic Overview (1:21)

Brief overview of the many benefits of Let's Learn English for students, schools and business.
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2. Studying with Let's Learn English (1:21)

Find out what materials are covered in LLE and how we handle written compositions and speaking.
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3. Teaching with Let's Learn English (1:41)

LLE was produced by busy teachers for you. We help you find suitable material for your course.
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4. Communicating with Let's Learn English (1:41)

Use our social networking features for homework, projects, notes or information
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5. Administering Let's Learn English (1:33)

LLE is easy to administer offering complete control with comprehensive reports
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6. Rebranding Let's Learn English (0:39)

Integrate LLE with your school website more closely giving a familiar interface for students.
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