Vocabulary revision

Remember, studies suggest that 80% of what someone has studied is lost from memory within 24 hours. Make sure you revise vocabulary first thing in the morning, while the minds of the students are still fresh. Try to ensure they don't look at their books, or the mental effort needed will be lost. Write down the number of letters of twenty of the words on the board, and get them in pairs to write down the words.

After 90 seconds, add one letter for each of the words, and after another 90 seconds, add a second letter. The group that finish first are the winners. Don't forget to check meaning, although the mental effort expended in trying to think of the words, will usually be enough for them to remember the meaning as well.

1. r _ _ _ _ _ _ n

2. _ c h _

3. _ h _ _ m _

4. _ a r _ _ _ _ _ _

5. _ _ _ _ t h _ _

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Angus Savory 18-08-2011

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