Bad boys


What is a joke?

Two brothers were always getting into trouble in their neighbourhood. The people in the neighbourhood started complaining to the parents about the boys. So the boys' parents decided to have their priest talk to the boys. The priest asks to speak to the boys alone, requesting to see the youngest first. The young boy comes in and sits at a large table across the room from the priest. The priest looks at the boy, points at him and, trying to emphasise that God is in everyone, asks, "Where is God?" The boy looks around the room and back at the priest and says nothing. Again, the priest points at the boy and in a louder voice asks, "Where is God?" The boy says nothing. The priest walks around the table, pointing inches from the boy's face and asks again, "Where is God?" The boy jumps out of his chair and runs out of the door. The boy runs right home, goes up to his older brother and says to him, "We are in big trouble!" His brother replies, "We haven't done anything!" The younger brother replies, "God's missing, and they think we did it!"


I don't think you need notes for this joke. It's funny, isn't it? No? Oh, alright then.

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