The City of Tomorrow - 'the Forest City'

Have you wondered what will the urban life look like in 10, 20 years? Is air pollution an environmental issue in your country?

China has already found the way to fight with air pollution, by building the first ever 'green city'.

This lesson has two main aims:

- to revise how to make predictions about future and use Pasive Voice with Future Simple tense

- learn specific vocabulary related to environment and renewable resources

Apart from that, it gives students an opportunity to practise their listening, speaking and reading skills


Part I, based on a short video can be done with low-intermediate students, while the Part II incorporates the article from ''Daily Mirror'' newspaper, is more appropriate for B1 and higher level, as as an inspirational material for discussion on futuristic ecological cities.


Brainstorm with your students vocabulary related to environment and air pollution

PART II - Reading and Listening practice for B1 and higher levels

PART I - Listening practice for A2/B1 levels

Tags elt,esl,airpollution,vocabulary,speaking,ecological city,environment protection

Joanna Kawrow 27-07-2017

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