Get the sack

Explanation: What is an idiom?

Be dismissed from your job.


"Did you hear about Jane in accounts?"


"Well, she came in late the other day and old Simmonds calls her into his office and gives her such a bollocking."

"That's Simmonds."
"Yeah, well, she tells him to take his job and shove it."

"Really. What happened?"

"Well, she got the sack, didn't she. 15 minutes. Get your stuff and get out."

"Oh, what a shame. Nice girl."

"Cheers. To Jane, and standing up to authority!"


In the old days, craftsmen used to bring their own tools to work. If the employer decided to dismiss a person, he would put that person's tools into a sack for him to take when he left. So when you got the sack, you knew you were being ordered to leave your job.

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