Jump on the bandwagon

Explanation: What is an idiom?

Do what everyone else is doing, or what is fashionable.


"So, er, George, I've been meaning to ask you. What's that stuff on your chin?"

"Ah, well. I'm growing a beard."

"Er, why?

"Well, everyone's got them nowadays."

"What, even the women?"

"Goaties, they're called."

"Yeah, everyone's got them. Everyone under 25. You're 46. Don't you think you're a touch too old?"

"They're very fashionable."

"So is DIY but I don't see you doing that. Honestly. This is like that time last year when you came in with flares. If something becomes fashionable you jump on the bandwagon without even thinking about your situation."

"What situation?"

"Well, let me put it gently to you: you're a fat, ugly, middle-aged, bald loser with more in common with your grandmother than your daughter. How's that?"

"You're just jealous."

"Yeah okay. Whatever you say George. Do you want a pint, or would you prefer an alcopop?"


In times when politicians actually talked to people face to face rather than through the television and their spin doctors, they would arrive in a town during an election campaign, and hold a rally with speeches. If someone really supported the candidate, they would get up alongside them, or jump on the platform (bandwagon).

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