Keep your shirt on

Explanation: What is an idiom?

Keep calm.


"You know what really makes me mad?"

"Cor Blimey, where did this come from?"

"It's when people are cruel to animals. You know, I saw this old woman today walking her dog through town, and the thing wanted to stop and smell things, you know. She kept yanking its lead and not letting it stop at all."


"Well, it is bad. You take a dog for a walk for the dog, not for your benefit, so you should let the dog sniff around a bit. If I'd not been on the bus I'd have given that old trout a right talking to, I can tell you."

"Alright, alright. Keep your shirt on. Finish this drink, and I'll buy you another one, and then we'll go out and liberate all the animals, okay?"




In the old days, when men fought each other, they took off their shirts first. Why? Well, because they were more expensive than they are now. If you wanted someone to keep calm and not start a fight, you would ask him to keep his shirt on.

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