acid test, the

Explanation: What is an idiom?

An event or action which will tell if something is as good as it is claimed to be.


"So, what's this I hear about you going to cookery classes?"

"Yeah, that's right."

"You can't even boil an egg!"

"Don't you believe it, mate. I'm a man of many talents, as a matter of fact."

"So what do you do then, cook in the college or something?"

"Yeah, we all get together. We're taught a recipe by this woman, Joan her name is, and then we all do it, while she comes around and helps us."

"Well, I'll be blowed."

"We've got an exam on Tuesday."

"How's that work, then?"

"We all choose a recipe, I've chosen Boeuf Bourguignon a l'Ancienne--"

"Do what?"

"French beef to you mate, and then we cook it."

"And then you eat it."

"Ah, no, you see, it's all very well cooking it. The acid test comes when the examiner comes in to taste it."

"Well that's not a bad job."

"I don't know, you should see some of the stuff that's dished up in class."

"Well, I'm looking at you in a different light, John."

Well, thankyou, Bill. You can buy me a pint in recognition of my talents."
"Are you cooking tonight."

"Of course."

"What's on the menu, then."

"Beans on toast..."


As every gold miner knows, there is gold, and there is fool's gold, a similar looking metal which is in fact worthless. So, how do you find real gold? Well, you use the acid test. Get some nitric acid, and pour it onto the metal. If the metal corrodes, loses it's colour or dissolves, it's not real gold. Real gold is unaffected by nitric acid. Interesting, huh? Go on, go an try the acid test for yourself. Of course, we don't test gold normally in our jobs as accountants and bricklayers, so the idiom has come to be used whenever a true or hard test is needed for something. A football team might beat everyone in their local league, but you don't really know how good they are. The acid test comes when they play against a team who are in a higher league than them.

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