give one's right arm

Explanation: What is an idiom?

be prepared to go to great lengths to achieve something, see someone, do something etc.


"Come on then, where are the holiday photos?"

" Didn't I tell you, they got stolen at the train station in Copenhagen."

"No, really?"

"Yeah. I was moving all the stuff - I'm sure I've told you this - from one end of the platform to the other, but I couldn't do it in one go, so I had to leave my camera while I went for the other stuff. It was quite busy, so I thought it would be safe."

"Yeah, but the thieves like a busy place."

"Thankyou Sherlock. Anyway, I came back with the other stuff and the camera was gone."

"Well, serves you right leaving a camera there."
"It was in a plastic bag, stupid. It just looked like, I don't know, anything. Nothing valuable."

"Oh, I see. So what happened then?"

"Well, I asked this bloke if he'd seen anything, and he said he'd seen this bloke pick up the bag and run off."
"And he hadn't said anything?"

"Exactly, I thought, Thank you shit-for-brains. Anyway, I then saw the bloke with the bag. Well, I chased him, but couldn't catch him."

"Ah, bad luck mate."

"It wasn't so much the camera, but the rolls of film that were in it. Ooohh, I'd give my right arm to see that bloke walk in this pub."

"You could give your left arm too, but then that wouldn't help you get your camera back."


Well, you'd be 'armless, wouldn't you? Ha, get it, 'harmless', 'armless'!!

"Your jokes are about as funny as a road accident. For God's sake get me a drink before I split my sides laughing..."


Well, to give a part of your body for something must mean you want it desperately, but why the right arm? Well, because most people are right-handed, the right arm is considered more valuable than the left. Don't worry, all you left-handed people out there, I'm aware that you are supposed to be more intelligent than the rest of us!

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