hair of the dog (that bit me)

Explanation: What is an idiom?

That you can cure your hangover by drinking some more of what made you drunk the night before.


"Hello George. Cor, you don't look too healthy."

"Hangover mate."

"Looks like it. What did you have?"

"What didn't I? Red wine, white wine, champagne, lager-"

"Sounds just the ticket."

"Yeah, and then the spirits came out."

"Uh oh."

"Yeah, Scotch, vodka, gin, rum. You name it, I drank it."

"Which one makes you feel worst when you think about it?"

"Tequila. Oh God. Never let me near Tequila again."

"Never? Just once more."



"No Bert, I couldn't."

"Give this man a double Tequila, but without all the rubbish that goes with it."

"Please Bert, don't make me."

"You know it makes sense. A hair of the dog will put you right before you can say 'vomit'...Here you go, bottoms up!"


"Well, it never worked for me either..."


In Scotland there was a belief that applying a few hairs of the dog that has bitten you will cure a wound.

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