couch potato

Explanation: What is an idiom?

Someone who is very idle and they spend a lot of time sitting around watching TV and eating junk food.


-Hi Emma, would you like to go out for a walk today? It's such lovely weather!

-Oh, yes! That would be lovely! I'm so sick and tired of Hubert being such a couch potato! He's never up to anything else than watching a new film and eating pizza all day!

-Maybe you should chuck that TV out the window and disable his phone!

-Quite frankly, I might actually do that!


Unlike other phrases, this idiom has an actual date of when it originated. According to Tom Lacino, who invented this idiom, he first used this phrase on the 15th of July 1976.
It was when he called his friend and his girlfriend answered and he asked: 'Hey, is couch potato there?'
The first time the saying was used in print was in the a LA TIMES in 1979 where it stated: “…and the Couch Potatoes who will be lying on couches watching television as they are towed toward the parade route.”

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