Top questions in a job interview

Are you looking for your first job or going to change your current job to a better one? You don't know how to describe yourself in a job interview? Here are some helpful questions you can expect in a job interview which will help you get hired. Good luck on your interview!

Questions you can expect in a job interview

Present tense questions

What is your name?
My name is John Smith

Where are you from?
I'm from Toronto.
I'm from Canada

What qualifications have you got?
I have got a degree in engineering
I have got a diploma in childcare
I have got a school certificate

What experience have you got?
I worked in a bank for three months
I was a shop assistant for two years
I washed dishes in a restaurant for six weeks

What do you do at the moment? (What is your job now?)
I work in a bookshop
I'm working in a cafe
I'm working for my father

What are your strengths / what are you good at?
I'm good at listening
I'm good at cooking
I'm good with numbers
I'm good with children

What are your weaknesses? / what are you bad at?
I don't like public speaking
I am not good at saying 'no'

Why do you want this job?
Because I like working with a team
Because I want to work for an international company

Past tense questions

Where did you study?
I studied at London University

What did you study?
I studied law

What grade / mark did you get?
I got a grade 6
I got a 2:1 in history
I got a distinction in politics
How long did you study?
I studied for twelve months

How to describe yourself in a job interview

We have more indepth info and exercises in our Business Centre for members.

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