How to write a perfect professional email in English?

Yesterday I asked you 7 questions regarding writing emails. I wonder how many of you got them right?

These are the correct answers:

1) Polite and friendly way of closing an email, used both in formal and informal correspondence.


2) Mrs ("missus") is used for married women, usually with their husband's surname, e.g. Jane Smith married John Brown, so she's Mrs Brown.

Miss is for unmarried women, e.g. Mr and Mrs Brown's daughter is Miss Mary Brown. In the old days, some married women used Miss for professional purposes, e.g. Mrs Brown is still known as Miss Jane Smith at the office.

There is also the third title Ms ("mizz"), started in the 1950s, is used as a 'neutral' alternative to Mrs or Miss by any woman regardless of her marital status.

3) Rgrds is an abbreviation of Regards

4) Abbreviation FYI stands for For Your Information

5) We use Yours sincerely when we address the email Dear Mr. Brown, so we know the name of the recepient, and if we don't who are we writing to, then we start an email Dear Sirs, and finish Your faithfully

6) Hi Lucy and Hey Lucy are informal ways of addressing an email, the rest of the openings are formal ones, used in professional contacts or when we write to people we don't know .

7) Have a great weekend, Feel free to call me, Take care are we will use to close an email to a friend or person we know very well. The other closing expressions we use in professional, formal emails.


Some things to avoid when writing formal emails

  • Colloquial words: “wanna” (want to), Y'all ( You all )
  • Contractions: Can't, Didn't, Haven't
  • Clichés: I will email you the report in a jiffy. Vs. I will email you the report as soon as possible.
  • Abbreviated words: ASAP, lol, P.S
  • Imperative words or sentences: Stop, Do this, Go ahead

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Joanna Kawrow 15-12-2016

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